<txp:text /> single tag, 1 attributes


The text tag is a single tag which is primarily used to return localized language strings from the txp_lang database table.


  • Piece of text to display. If the given item matches a key in the txp_lang table, its contents will be returned. Otherwise, whatever you supply in the item tag is returned verbatim.
<txp:text /> 1 examples

Display some localized text

<txp:older><txp:text item="older" /></txp:older> 

What it does…
Outputs the text ‘older’ inside the <txp:older /> tag, respecting the current TXP language.

Why you might use this…
Instead of using the tag like this: <txp:older>older</txp:older> which would always render the English text ‘older’, it replaces the contents with the value assigned to the name ‘older’ in the current language. So you would see a link with the word ‘√§lter’ if you were using German (de) as the TXP site language.

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