<txp:link_date /> single tag, 3 attributes


The link_date tag is a single tag which returns the date the link was created as text. This tag is used in a “link” form or inside the linklist container tag to return information about the current link in a linklist.


  • Override default date format, as set in Basic Preferences.
  • Values: any valid strftime() string values, or since.
gmt="0" (integer) 
  • Return either local time — according to the set time zone preferences — or GMT time.
  • Values: 0 (local time) or 1 (GMT time).
  • Format time string suitable for the specified language (locale). Locales adhere to ISO-639.
<txp:link_date /> 1 examples

Display a link with class attribute

<a class="thislink" href="<txp:link_url />">
<txp:link_name escape="html" />
</a> : <txp:link_date />

Other tags used: link_url, link_name