<txp:image_index /> single tag, 4 attributes


The image_index tag is a single tag that is intended to be used in tandem with image_display.

It renders thumbnails of all images contained in an image category. This category can be specified as an attribute to the tag and defaults to the current site category as given in the page’s URL.

The thumbnail images are linked to an address which will pass the image id plus the active category on to the tandem image_display tag. It is up to the user to include this tandem tag at an appropriate place inside the page template.

IMPORTANT: As the image category is passed into image_display, it requires to either place the “receiving” image_display on an article independent portion of the page (i.e. outside of the article form), or otherwise both the article used for display and the images have to share a common category.


category="presently viewed category" 
  • Category of images to display.
offset="0" (integer) 
  • The number of images to skip.
limit="0" (integer) 
  • The number of images to display.
sort="name asc" 
  • Values
    • id (image id#)
    • name (image name)
    • category (image category)
    • ext (image extension)
    • w (image width)
    • h (image height)
    • alt (image alt text)
    • caption (image caption text)
    • date (date posted)
    • author
    • thumbnail
    • rand() (random)
      • Each field in the “txp_image”-table can be used as a sort key.
  • Direction
    • asc (ascending)
    • desc (descending)


  • Label prepended to item (or as first list item, where appropriate).
  • if wraptag is available and is set to ol or ul, the label will be the first list item.
    Default: unset (but see label cross-reference for exceptions).
  • (X)HTML tag (without brackets) to wrap around label.
  • (X)HTML tag (without brackets) or string to separate list items.
  • (X)HTML tag (without brackets) to wrap around the list.
  • (X)HTML class attribute to apply to the wraptag.


Version 4.3.0

  • c attribute deprecated and renamed category
<txp:image_index /> 1 examples

Create a list of images in a category

<txp:image_index category="personal" break="li" wraptag="ol" /> 

What it does…
Shows the thumbnail images from the category “personal”.