<txp:if_plugin /> container tag, 2 attributes


The if_plugin tag is a conditional tag and always used as an opening and closing pair, like this…

...conditional statement...

The tag will execute the contained statements if the name attribute matches a currently installed and enabled plugin, and the current version number is equal to or greater than the version attribute assigned (if used).


  • Plugin name as defined on Plugins tab.
  • Minimum plugin version number.


Version 4.3.0

  • ver attribute deprecated and renamed version
<txp:if_plugin /> 1 examples

Check plugin exists before using a tag

<txp:if_plugin name="zem_plugin_lang" version="4">
<txp:zem_contact to="dest@example.com" />

What this does…
Apply the tag zem_contact if the zem_contact_lang plugin is installed, activated, and the version number is equal to or greater than 4.