<txp:file_download_link /> sing/cont tag, 2 attributes


The file_download_link tag is both a single tag and a container tag.

Thus it may be used as an opening and closing pair:

...containing statements...

When used as a single tag, Textpattern will replace the tag with a download link to the file being downloaded. As a container, it will assign the link to the given text or tag, while the single tag outputs the file’s plain URL.


id="unset" (integer)
  • Numeric id of the file to download.
  • Name of the file to download.


“id” takes precedence over “filename”. If neither is defined and the tag is not used within the context of a file, nothing is returned.

<txp:file_download_link /> 1 examples

Provide a link to download file #4

<txp:file_download_link id="4">
<txp:file_download_name /> [<txp:file_download_size format="mb" decimals="2" />]

What this does…
Makes a link to the given file (#4) comprising its file name and size

Other tags used: file_download_name, file_download_size