<txp:expires /> single tag, 3 attributes


A single tag used to indicate when an article should no longer appear in a site, particularly when the information is date sensitive (e.g., events like conferences, meetings and so forth). The tag is defined by expiration date values that are set under the More section of the Write admin-side panel.

Related: if_expires, if_expired


  • Override the default date format set in the preferences.
  • Values: any valid strftime() string values, or since.
gmt="0" (boolean)
  • Return either local time according to the set time zone preferences or GMT time.
  • Format time string suitable for the specified language (locale).
  • Values: locales adhere to ISO-639.



Version 4.0.7

  • expires tag added.
<txp:expires /> 1 examples

Custom format date setting

<p>Expires: <txp:expires format="%b %d, %Y" /></p>

would result in:

<p>Expires: Sep 10, 2010</p>