<txp:comments_invite /> single tag, 5 attributes


The comments_invite tag is a single tag which is used to display a link to an article comment form. Text used for the link will be taken from the invitation field on the “write” screen.

This tag can be used in both Page templates and Forms.


showcount="1" (boolean) 
  • Whether to display comment count.
textonly="0" (boolean) 
  • Whether to display invite as text, rather than a hyperlink.
showalways="0" (boolean)
  • Whether to display invite on individual article page.
  • (X)HTML tag (without brackets) to wrap around invite text.
  • CSS class name to be applied to wraptag.
<txp:comments_invite /> 1 examples

Display comments invitation and comment count

But only if there are any comments associated with the current article.

<txp:if_comments><p><txp:comments_invite /></p></txp:if_comments>

Other tags used: if_comments