<txp:author /> single tag, 3 attributes


The author tag is a single tag that is used to return the name of the author of the currently displayed article.

Related: if_article_author


link="0" (boolean)
  • Make text a link to the author’s posts.
  • Only link to articles from the named section.
this_section="0" (boolean)
  • Only link to other articles from the same section as the current article.


Version 4.0.4

  • section, this_section added.
<txp:author /> 1 examples

Link to list of author’s articles

The author’s name in this article form is a hyperlink to a list of articles by this author.

<h1><txp:title /></h1>
<txp:body />
<p class="author-date">
Posted By: <txp:author link="1" /> @ <txp:posted />

Other tags used: posted, title, body