Textpattern CMS Template Tags , structural category

<txp:meta_keywords />
Returns an HTML meta tag with the Article's keywords.
<txp:output_form />
Replaces tag with the content resulting from the form called by the tag.
<txp:page_title />
Displays page title text depending on the context it is used.
<txp:page_url />
Returns a particular component of the url from the current page being displayed.
Protects a site or page by prompting a user for username and password.
<txp:section />
Displays information about the current or named section.
<txp:section_list />
Produces a list of linked sections.
<txp:site_name />
Returns the site's name as defined under the Basic Preferences tab.
<txp:site_slogan />
Displays the site's tagline (labeled as Site tagline in the Basic Preferences).
<txp:site_url />
Returns the full URL of the site.
<txp:search_input />
Provides a text entry field for search parameters.
<txp:text />
Returns localized language strings from the txp_lang database table.